What is a microinfluencer? Advantages of working with them and how to find them

Currently, companies that have a strong presence on social media recognize the importance of incorporating influencers into their digital marketing strategies. Due to the significant influence they have over their community, choosing the right influencer can provide you with great results.

Thus, microinfluencers are increasingly becoming more popular among companies with limited budgets that want to experiment with this type of marketing, or brands that belong to very specific niches and may not totally benefit from working with influencers who have large, but diverse audiences. In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions, such as what is a microinfluencer, what are the advantages of working with them, and how to find them.

What is a microinfluencer

A microinfluencer is a person who has an active presence on social media and a relatively small number of followers compared to traditional influencers. Typically, microinfluencers have between 5,000 and 50,000 followers, although this number may vary depending on the platform and industry. The main difference between microinfluencers and traditional influencers is that microinfluencers usually have a strong passion for a specific topic or area of expertise, which makes their audience more of a niche.

Advantages of working with microinfluencers

There are several advantages of working with microinfluencers, some of the main ones being:

  1. Greater credibility and trust: Due to their specialized focus and in-depth knowledge of their niche, microinfluencers enjoy higher credibility and trust among their followers. This allows them to build a stronger relationship with their community, resulting in higher engagement rates compared to traditional influencers.
  2. Wider reach in niche audiences: Although microinfluencers may have fewer followers compared to traditional influencers, their audience is often highly engaged and concentrated in a specific niche. This means that working with microinfluencers can be a highly effective strategy to reach very specific audiences that are relevant to your brand.
  3. Greater affordability: In general, microinfluencers tend to charge lower fees for promotions compared to traditional influencers. However, it's not uncommon for their prices, in relation to their reach, to be higher than those of mass influencers. This is because microinfluencers are aware of their advantage in having a highly defined audience that is attractive to brands.

How to find microinfluencers

Finding microinfluencers could seem like a challenge, but there are various effective ways to do it:

  1. Manual research on social media: You can search for microinfluencers on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, or Facebook. Use keywords to conduct searches related to the topics commonly discussed in your industry, and review the profiles of users who have a moderate number of followers and a high engagement rate in their posts. Check their content, audience, and engagement to ensure they are a good fit for your brand.
  2. Influencer search platforms: There are several online tools that allow you to explore and connect with influencers - by searching on Google, you will find various options. However, one downside of these platforms is that they often have limited profiles of microinfluencers (as their profiles tend to have large numbers), some may require a monthly payment for their usage, and the demographic data of their users may be imprecise or outdated.
  3. Network and referrals: If your profession is related to the digital marketing world, you can leverage your network of contacts and ask for referrals of microinfluencers in your industry. Ask your colleagues, friends, or collaborators if they know of any microinfluencers who would be suitable for your brand. Referrals are often an effective way to find authentic and experienced microinfluencers.
  4. Search on blogs and specialized websites: Some microinfluencers may have their own blogs or specialized websites on a particular topic. You can search for relevant blogs and websites in your industry to identify microinfluencers who are experts in your niche. Review their content, audience, and social media engagement to evaluate if they are the best fit for your brand.


In summary, microinfluencers are highly valuable content creators in the world of influencer marketing, and working with them can offer significant advantages for your brand. Their credibility and trust among their followers, reach in niche audiences, affordability and potential to maximize the performance of your influencer marketing budget, make them a very appealing option, especially for companies with limited budgets or that sell specific products or services.

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