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Hello there! We are L3tcraft, an agency specialized in Influencer Marketing with a wide experience in the sector. Our story begins in 2013, when four youtubers (Alexelcapo, Tonacho, Chincheto77 and Milicua) found L3tcraft, the first YouTubers agency in Spain, with the goal of becoming experts in the gaming sector. Since then:

  1. We have planned, executed and measured branded content campaigns, connecting traditional brands with digital audiences throughout a wide network of content creators. // Campaigns Team

  2. We have created digital transformation projects, to address teaching processes from an innovative perspective. // Education Team

  3. We have managed the creation of the Facebook Gaming Partner Program together with Meta, and we have managed and assisted more than 1,000 partners in the platform. // FB Gaming Team

If you are looking for an agency that takes your influencer marketing needs seriously and has a passion for what it does,we are the perfect choice! 🙂

Meet our team

Miguel Ángel Salcedo - Avatar

Miguel Ángel Salcedo


Aitor Fernández - Avatar

Aitor Fernández Milicua


Barbatim - Avatar

Francisco Nogueroles


Amanda Oto - Avatar

Amanda Oto

Senior Influencer Specialist

Elena Mateos - Avatar

Elena Mateos

Senior Project Manager

Suso Padilla - Avatar

Suso Padilla

Senior Project Manager

Andrea Plaza - Avatar

Andrea Plaza

Education Manager

Carmela González - Avatar

Carmela González

Education Business Developer

Patricia Escabias - Avatar

Patricia Escabias

Education Project Manager

Héctor Zamarriego - Avatar

Héctor Zamarriego

Senior Partner Specialist

Emilio del Amo - Avatar

Emilio del Amo

Events & Esports Manager

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