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We make you heard. We make you remembered. In L3tcraft we are trendsetters and we create experiences together with the most suitable influencers to deliver your message to the digital audiences you need.

If there is something we like is to tell stories and our multidisciplinar team knows very well how to do it using creativity and storytelling. We are the influencer agency you need to make yourself known.

We are an agency full of talents

If there is something we are proud of at our content creators agency is this big little family that we have created. The diverse creativity of our influencers, specialized in scientific divulgation, gaming and lifestyle -among others -, allow us to move in a wide spectre and suggest effective solutions for every project we take in.
We listen and take care the individual needs of our content creators network, always aiming for their professional growth.
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Representation agency influencers.
We connect brands with digital audiences

L3tcraft is an influencer marketing agency, which allow us to be the meeting point between content creators and digital audiences, segmented by the profile of those we represent.

Even though we are experts in gaming, science and scientific divulgation, we also manage profiles and campaigns related to lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, beauty, sports and travel. Anything to tell? Let's start telling stories together!

Some of the brands we have proudly worked with

Which services does L3TCraft offer as an influencer representation agency?

At L3tcraft we love to play. That is how all our campaigns start, that is how we generate content and that is how we get audiences and brands to match in a beneficial way for both parties.
As an influencer representation agency, we work with them in the creation of campaigns tailored to our clients' needs, walking them through all the stages of the campaign until we achieve the targeted goals.
What can we do for your brand?

Campaign management

We develop creative campaigns with influencers so that we can attract and activate audiences, using specialized strategies and tools. Our job as a content creator agency is to plan, execute and analyze efective digital marketing campaigns.

Effective strategies

Creativity applied to every strategy that we release is key to our success. Combining this ability with the ability of our influencers to speak to their audiences in a direct way allow us to achieve the best ROI possible.

Detailed reports

We analyze and follow up each of our campaigns, since that is how we are able to define what we need to reach our goals. We create follow-up and evaluation reports of every digital marketing campaign that we manage.

Branded content

We are experts in telling stories and that is why our branded content does not only occur in an organic way, but it is one of our favorite parts of the process. Being and influencer agency allows us to work with very creative professionals in developing quality content that is able to translate the values of every brand we collaborate with.

Events management

When the strategy requires it and the needs allow it, we organize
on and offline events that will generate more exposure to the brand, inside and outside its niche. Events like these allow us to gain the audience's trust thanks to the association between the brand and the influencer.

Consulting in esports

The gaming field is one of our specialties, and we love it! At
our influencers agency we work very closely with specialized influencers in order to connect our clients to the videogames field. In case you hadn't thought about this before, it is a very grateful target audience and a new opportunity for the positioning of your brand.

Influencer Marketing Expertise

Scientific divulgation
Beauty and fashion

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We are also a microinfluencers agency

At L3tcraft we are not only a content creators agency, but we are also interested in discovering new talent, and we know a new talent when we see it. We represent microinfluencers with growth potential that are capable of putting their creativity at the service of our message.
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