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We are the influencer agency in Barcelona you need to deliver local campaigns with a global impact.

Why L3tcraft?

L3tcraft es una agencia de influencers in Barcelona founded and formed by digital natives. We understand digital language, social media and, over all, how to advertise in an organic and successful way. Influencersmarketing is nowadays the most effective strategy to launch a product and create an online presence that may convert.

Our clients experience proves that trusting our Influencer marketing agency in Barcelona is the right move for those who search to lead the sector.


Brand attraction

We don't have a magical potion to achieve successful results, but when a brand partners up with an influencer, he gains access to platforms and communities that didn't have before.

Our influencer marketing agency in Barcelona may help you with brand attraction campaigns that may help you boost your growth.

Better relationship with your audience

Not all brands know how to address their audience, which is something that may become an opportunity if you invest in an influencers marketing campaign.

Our team will do the necessary adjustments and will offer you the best ideas to match targetted goals. Are you ready for an adventure with us? 

Cohesive strategies

When we work in growing audiences and digital impact, there are no small actions, but isolated actions.

An important part from our job as an Influencers agency in Barcelona, is to design cohesive strategies that integrate different digital actions to achieve targetted goals.

Big audience management

We represent high profileinfluencers and are used to work with audiences of one million or more. This allows us to give our campaigns a global reach and visibility inside the Spanish-speaking digital world.

Influencer marketing strategies in Barcelona that will connect you with your audience

We make sure your message reaches millions of Spanish-speaking people with strategies tailored to your needs. Our influencers agency in Barcelona will be thrilled to help you along the way.

Which services does L3tcraft offer?

The social media boom has make a difference in online shopping patterns. Consumers have become more demanding and whenever they have to choose an specific product, they tend to trust third party opinions rather than usual advertising.

That is when our job as an influencers agency comes in, because we identify niche opportunities to design strategies that generate impact, conversation and leads.

Campaign management

Creating influencers marketing campaigns for different social media is an important part of our job as an influencers agency in Barcelona. We manage end-to-end campaigns: from choosing the right profile to measuring results by composing detailed reports.

Effective strategies

We create innovative strategies for our campaigns to have the desired impact. We not only promote a brand: we show audiences how would their experience be if they use that product. We are not afraid of try new moves as long as they play in our favor.

Detailed reports

Composing detailed reports is one of the keys in our process, since it allows us tomeasur the efectiveness of our strategies. All actions taken, from the most conservative ones to the boldest ones, will be explained in detail so that you can always have a hollistic view of the campaign.

Branded content

When working with our Influencers agency in Barcelona, you are working with a creative team specialized in social network strategies, influencer marketing an quality content creation to build a good brand image. Branded content partnerships are part of the influencer marketing strategy and are also a key tool when looking for online visibility and positioning.

Events management

We help you find the suitable influencer for your brand's live and offline events. When a popular public person backs our work, we find an authority transfer that the audience will link to the brand, delivering and immediate trust.

Consulting in esports

We know esports industry very well and we are aware that it moves million of fans around the world. Our influencers agency in Barcelona will help you identify the opportunities that this industry can bring to your brand and how to make it grow.

Influencer agency in Barcelona specialist in:

Scientific divulgation



Global social media presence

In our agency specialized in an influencer en Barcelona te ayudamos a tener presencia en las redes sociales con mayor impacto. Sabemos cómo usarlas a nuestro favor y cómo sacarle el mayor provecho a la visibilidad de comunidades segmentadas como las que tienen nuestros influencers.

We also have room left for new talents

L3tcraft always have open arms when it comes to meet new talents that want to work on their personal brand and generate content that impacts. If what you have read so far matches your interests, tell us your history. We want to help you! 

Are you a microinfluencer?

Contact us, let's talk!

L3tcraft wants you! We are constantly looking for new challenges as a microinfluencers agency and specialists in digital marketing strategies.

We offer personal assistance, tailored campaigns and positive results for all involved parties.

Think no more an boost your strategy with L3tcraft, your influencers agency in Barcelona!

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