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What is our job as Gamers managers?

L3tcraft is a big family and we take care of each other. Our job as gamers managers consists of managing their professional image within esports, taking care of the development of their presonal brand and manage their participation in commercial activities. Along those lines, we are the meeting point between our talents and those brands who trust us with the managing of their influencer marketing campaigns.
Do you want to take advantage of an expanding sector? Our gamer and esports agency can help you with the visibility push that you are looking for.

Campaign management

We represent the most known gamers in the Hispanic market, with very well segmented communities and with the needed closeness so that every campaign click for all involved parties in an organic way.

We know the sector and have experience on it, which allows us to create tailored campaigns to give the most visibility as possible to the brands that work with us.

Effective strategies

After evaluating your brand's main needs, we desing the proper strategy to connect with the desired audience. We know how to monetize opportunites offered by the gaming and esports industry, and we connect you with the right influencers so that your message not only delivers, but also converts.

Detailed reports

Our team of specialists performs the right monitoring to each campaign to identify do's and dont's, make adjustments and guarantee de fullfilment of each goal. For you to be aware of every move, we compose periodic and detailed reports on every action taken on the campaign.

Branded content

Internet is full of content, so our job is to create campaigns that connect with the audience and that they not only talk about how good your brand is, but also enables to deliver the full experience. We work with influencers specialized on gaming and esports in creating tailored branded content.

Participation in events

Having a streamer in your live event helps you gain visibility and positioning, increase your engagement and promote trust on your brand. These factors will directly impact on your selling posibilities. Contact us and we'll tell you how we can help you take that live event you are planning to the next level!

Consulting in esports

You don't know how to get closer to the videogames and esports industry? We are the gamers and esports agency you were looking for! We know the sector, we have grown with it and we know how to take advantage of the best opportunities that it offers, both for your brand and our streamers.

Our campaigns with Gamers

Campaign with Knekro on Twitter
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Campaign with Alexelcapo on Twitter
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Campaign with Revenant on Twitter
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What do we specialize on?


League of Legends

Minecraft is an "open world" videogame without a defined goal that offers different play modes and allows multiplayer mode, which has boosted its popularity.

Moreover, it is a videogame with powerful educational purposes in which we firmly believe - thus, we have created the Minecraft Educación Esports Academy and we manage specialized gamers.

League of Legends or Lol, as it is known between gamers,, has it all to be successful: five players teams, PVP and characters that are turning more powerful as the game moves.

The community that Lol moves is massive and has turned it into one of world's most popular esports both online are offline, even beating multitudinous events like the World Series.

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