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What do we do at L3TCraft Education?

At L3tcraft Education we are experts in integrating digital transformation projects into educative environments using new digital tools and methodologies, achieving the development of the competences from the 21st century.




Minecraft Projects

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Repsol's World in Minecraft.

At Letcraft Education, we specialize in developing Minecraft projects for educational institutions, as well as organizations such as businesses and foundations. Within our team, we have Minecraft builders and designers. This is the Minecraft HUB, which includes various profiles with whom we coordinate this development aspect.

We adapt to the needs of the organization or client to create a personalized educational experience, with scenarios tailored to the required themes. We also ensure that this process is creative and unique, giving projects their own identity and value.

Some of the entities that have trusted us to develop their experiences in Minecraft Education include: UCM, Telefónica,Repsol Foundation, UCAM, ACER, Microsoft, Gil and Gayarre Foundation, NUMEN Foundation, or the Government of Cantabria.


At Letcraft Education, we develop various programs throughout the school year aimed at educators, and they are entirely free. We aim to create meeting points for the community, where we provide resources, training, and events with the goal of fostering an enriching environment centered around the effective use of technology in the classroom.

Letcraft EduGames

The Letcraft EduGames (LEG) is a competition focused on the use of the educational version of Minecraft, with the aim of providing educational institutions in the region of Spain with an opportunity to discover the potential of the video game and competition in the classroom.

Throughout the competition, educational institutions will be able to access a learning platform and overcome the challenges proposed while learning curriculum content.

If you are interested in sponsoring and being a part of this competition, you can write to us at educacion@l3tcraft.com

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Minecraft on the Road Events

The events of Minecraft on the Road take place in regions of Spain with three main stops in Madrid, Valencia, and Catalonia. These events will be free and in-person for educators who want to attend, providing them with a unique experience along with the use of Minecraft Education. Companies such as Microsoft, Acer, or ICONO have trusted us to host a MOTR.

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Minecraft on the Road live events.

Letcraft Education Ambassadors Program

The Letcraft Education Ambassadors program aims to surround itself with educators passionate about technology, education, and innovation in order to have an extended team when launching new initiatives, projects, training, etc.

Ambassadors have access to a program of benefits, rewards, and commitments throughout the school year, thus promoting growth among educators, enhancing their visibility, and rewarding all their performance. Currently, we have more than 22 ambassador educators.

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Letcraft Education Ambassador Badge.

Minecraft Education Community

The Minecraft Education Community is a meeting place for education professionals and technology enthusiasts where they can share news, ideas, projects, and much more. The Minecraft Education Community in Spanish consists of an exclusive channel within Telegram where you can share updates, questions, and, above all, content and Minecraft worlds.
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At Letcraft Education, we are a Global Training Partner of Microsoft and specialize in the creation of educational content in Minecraft. We design and execute digital transformation projects applied to academic teaching and provide training for educators to address new and exciting learning environments.

Letcraft Cloud

Letcraft Cloud is an online learning platform that offers various courses related to digital tools and active teaching methodologies, catering to both individual clients and educational institutions. On our platform, you can find numerous courses to enhance your digital competence through training.

We are in a continuous content development process to provide the public with dynamic, straightforward, and practical courses within Letcraft Cloud, through which we promote Digital Competence and the creation of evidence to ensure learning.

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Minecraft Education

Learning new tools is the key to the ongoing development of the teacher's digital competence. Therefore, our training foundation focuses on digital tools, and in this case, on Minecraft Education.

At Letcraft Education, we assist educators and educational organizations in understanding the potential of video games in the classroom and how to begin using Minecraft Education, creating engaging activities for their classes and unique learning experiences.

We provide customized training plans for educational organizations, ranging from beginner, intermediate, to advanced levels, based on what best suits the center's needs.

If you are interested in receiving this type of training for your institution, you can find more information here.

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Minecraft Education.

Microsoft 365

The tools in the Microsoft 365 educational environment are free for all educational institutions. These tools enable the creation of interactive and collaborative experiences and activities in the classroom.

At Letcraft Education, we provide training plans tailored to the needs of each institution, focusing on the learning of digital tools and their active application in the classroom, within the Microsoft 365 environment.

If you are interested in receiving this type of training for your institution, you can find more information here.

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