Influencer Marketing on Twitch: 8 steps to create the perfect campaign

Influencer marketing has experimented a rapid growth within last years and one of the platforms that has gained a lot of visibility in this regards its Twitch. Twitch is a live-streaming platform focused on videogames, but it also has room for other categories such as art, music, talks and much more. With millions of active daily users and a very committed community, TWitch has become the ideal space to carry out influencer marketing campaigns. In this article, we will explore how to create an influencer marketing campaign on Twitch once we have chosen the influencer of our liking.

Step 1: Define clear goals

Before starting any marketing campaign, you must define clear goals: what do you want to achieve with this action? Generate sales and/or conversion? Increase your brand's conscience? Promote an specific product or service? Defining clear goals will help you guide your decisions and strategies for the planning and developing of your campaign.

Step 2: Define your content strategy

With a clear goal in mind, it is time to define the content strategy for your campaign: what type of content is the influencer going to offer during the collaboration? A plain 60-90 seconds mention on their livestream? If so, when will the influencer do it: at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the stream? Would you rather sponsor some hours of the stream or the whole livestream? You should take into account that there is no predefined formula for this and the best thing to do is to directly speak with the influencer, since nobody knows their audience better than them and will know when they will be more receptive for these type of ads.

Step 3: Establish the collaboration terms

It is convenient to establish the collaboration terms with the influencer on a a contract, in a clear way and in writting, to protect he interests of both parties and ensure a succesful collaboration. On that contract, you must include the duration of the campaign, the frequency and duration of the livestreams or the content creation, the topics and calls to action that should be highlighted, deadlines and any other expectation or restriction that the influencer must comply with. You must also discuss financial details, such as the payment to the influencer, associated costs and any exclusivity clause (if needed).

Apart for the contract, it is very useful to give the influencer a small document or briefing highlighting the most important points for the promotion. Don't include very long sentences in the call to action, nor make the influencer repeat your brand's slogan with an specific voice, or it will sound like an infommercial. The connection that streamers have with their audience tends to be natural and honest, so making them say something that may sound artifical could not be what you want.

Step 4: Create relevant and attractive content

Content is the heart of every marketing campaing on Twitch. Make sure that the content created during the collaboration with the influencer is relevant for your brand and attractive for the Twitch audience. You can work with the influencer to develop and discuss content ideas that meet their audience interests and your marketing goals. This can include: livestreams of popular videogames, live display of products or services, Q&A sessions with the audience, contests or raffles, among others. Content must be authentic, entertaining and valuable for the influencer's followers, and also for your brand.

Step 5: Promote interaction with the audience

Una de las características distintivas de Twitch es la interacción en tiempo real entre los creadores de contenido y su audiencia. Es importante fomentar la participación activa de la audiencia durante la colaboración con el influencer, lo que puede incluir responder a comentarios en el chat en vivo, interactuar con los seguidores en las redes sociales, realizar encuestas o preguntas a la audiencia e, incluso, incentivar la participación con premios o recompensas. La interacción con la audiencia crea un sentido de comunidad y compromiso, lo cual es beneficioso tanto para el influencer como para tu marca.

Step 6: Amplify collaboration on other platforms

Whereas Twitch is the main platform to collaborate with an influencer, you can also amplify your campaign in other social media platforms. This could include promoting the content that has been created on Twitch on other social media like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter os Facebook. You can also work with the influencer to create (prior to the campaign on Twitch) exclusive content or teasers on other platforms, to generate hype and redirect traffic to Twitch. Amplifying your campaign on other platforms may help to increase the visibility of the partnership and reach different audiences.

Step 7: Measure and analyze results

It is key to measure and analyze the results of your marketing campaign on Twitch to evaluate its success and make adjustments, if necessary. Use the analytic tools available on Twitch and other platforms to measure KPIs such as reach, engagement, audience, conversions and ROI. Compare these results to your initial goals to determine whether the campaign has been effective or not, and if it has meet your expectations. If needed, adjust your strategy according to the results to optimize your future influencer marketing campaigns on Twitch.

Step 8: Have a long-lasting relationship with the influencer

A sucessful collaboration with an influencer on Twitch may open opportunities for a long-term partnership. Mantaining a close and professional relationship with the influencer may lead to future collaborations and to a continous association to the brand. Make sure to maintain a clear, open communication with the influencer, to comply with the contract terms and to value their job and contribution to your marketing campaign. A long lasting relationship with an influencer may generate trust, continuity and success on your marketing efforts on Twitch.


An influencer marketing campaign on Twitch can be an effective strategy to promote your brand and reach a committed audience. However, it is essential to plan and execute the campaign on an strategic way, establish a clear collaboration with the influencer, create relevant and valuable content, promote audience interaction, measure and analyze results and maintain a long term relationship with the influencer. By following these steps, you can maximize the potential of your influencer marketing campaign on Twitch and obtain great results.

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