What is Influencer Marketing? Why it works and its benefits

Imagine yourself on your lunch break and you decide to open one of your favorite social media, like YouTube, TikTok or Instagram. On your feed, pops up a profile with thousands, or even millions, of followers - its big engagement reflects on the likes and comments. While analyzing their profile, you discover they have a very close, honest and spontaneous bond with their community.

That's right: you've discovered an influencer. And more and more companies are bringing them into their digital marketing strategies.

What is influencer marketing

Influencer marketing takes advantage of the visibility, authority and influence capacity of a person on social media, in order to promote a product or service of a brand among their audience.

Why does marketing influencer really work

As per this study carried out by Nielsen on 2021, 42 out of 100 people search for external advise for their purchasing decisions. When analyzing consumers' trust in different marketing channels, it is learn that 71 out of 100 people trust in advertising or influencers' reviews on brands or products - a very higher number compared to traditional advertising on web banners, social media ads or SEM.

This figures show out that influencers help companies to generate much more personal (and profitable) bonds with their audiences. Just in USA, influencer marketing budget went from $1,700,000,000 on 2016 to $15,000,000,000 on 2022, as per this other study carried out by Statista. This means a growth of almost 900%.

Benefits of influencer marketing

There are 6 main reasons why brands put their trust in influencers:

1. Creation of valuable content

Infuencers are known from their ability to create high quality content and attractive to their audiences. Their contracts do not only depend on having big numbers on social media, but on their authentic way to produce their videos, photos and live streams. This authenticity allows them to captivate and engage their followers.

2. Brands humanization

While working with influencers, brands can connect with consumers on a more direct and personal way, with may help to humanize their image and create a closer, long-lasting bond with their target audience.

3. Advertising organic integration

Giving creativity freedom to influencers for them to integrate promotions into their content on a natural, not intrusive way may help us to achieve much more effective results. Influencers are the ones who better know their audience and perfectly know the moment where they will be more receptive for advertising.

4. Validating products or services

Due to the authority and trust that influencers have in their communities, their recoomendations may help to validate the quality and value of a product or service. This also allows to improve social proof and awareness on a brand.

5. Improved connection with the target audience

If we choose the most suitable influencer for our company, it is very likely that we will find many customers or potential customers among their audience who share some of our values and interests, which can help us improve the relationship we have with our target. target.

6. High efficience on investment

Infuencer marketing may be more profitable that other ways of advertising if adequate steps are followed. As per a HubSpot research , Gen Z trusts more on influencers' reviews than what their own friends and family say.

Start your first campaign!

If after understanding what influencer marketing is and how it works, you are considering running your first campaign, we suggest the following articles to make it happen:

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